About Botkins Police Department

Our Story

In its humble beginnings in the 1880's the Botkins Police Department had only one officer. Luckily today, the department is staffed with two full-time officers and four part-time officers. We are equipped with two cruisers. The department moved into its current facility in late 2001. The Botkins Police Department was created on January 3, 1882 under Mayor P.W. Speaker. He appointed J.B. Stolley to the village as the first Marshal.

    Past & Current Police Chiefs

  • J.B. Stolley
  • Irvin Hilbrant
  • Casper Hemmert
  • M.W. Taylor
  • John Schmidt
  • Christ Gibson
  • Selvenis Botkin
  • Wm. Accuntius
  • Cas O Loschert
  • J.S. McMannamy
  • John Stegman
  • Peter L. Schaaf
  • Jos. G. Stolly
  • P.E. Snyder
  • Floyd Taylor
  • H.V. Snyder
  • Frank Heueisen
  • James Cartwright
  • Ben Schaub
  • Edward W. Bonnoront
  • Hines "Hiney" Arnold
  • Butch Wendel
  • Lonzo Steinke
  • Edward Stump
  • James Thompson
  • Eugene Drees
  • Wayne Thomas Glass Jr. - Current Police Chief


If you have received a traffic citation you have three options:
  1. you feel you are not guilty you can appear at the Sidney Municipal Court at 110 W Court St., Sidney, OH on the date specified on your traffic citation.
  2. You can mail in your bond with a certified check or money order in the pre-addressed envelope that the Police Officer gave you when you received the traffic citation. NO PERSONAL CHECK WILL BE ACCEPTED, and it must be received by the court prior to your court date. You may also pay online at sidneyoh.com/court/index.asp To find out the amount you need to pay contact the court at (937) 498-0011. If you mail in or pay the bond online it will be processed as a guilty plea waiver of court trial (per Ohio Traffic Rule 13).
  3. You can post bond for the traffic citation in person at the Sidney Municipal Court at 110 W. Court St., Sidney, OH. This option allows you to appear in court, but if you don't the bond will be forfeited with no plea entered.

Contact us or the Shelby County Animal Shelter at (937) 498-7201

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